Where’s the Line?

Rant Follows.

You know, I consider myself a reasonable, thoughtful person. I am one of those who asks if dinner guests have any allergies or food preferences. I try to keep in mind if someone prefers not to hear about certain topics because they had a bad experience (or evil ex, or whatever) in the past. I understand that there are certain things that may be innocuous in some cultures and misunderstood in others (like Schwarze Piet or the penitential robes  and hoods worn by confraternities in Spain during Lent). But I think I’m about to reach a limit that’s best not crossed. Because over that bridge lies a side of my personality that nice people really do not want to meet in a dark alley at night. Think Abney Park’s song “The Wrong Side.”

A, not exactly a “perfect storm,” but a trifecta of events washed up in my world recently that caused me to contemplate doing a whole string of legal, harmless, and absolutely stone-cold politically incorrect things. It started with the EEOC deciding that the Gadsden Flag is racist because, um, someone said that they felt it was racist. Then a group is handing out materials so grade school students can decide if they are straight or otherwise and includes a bit claiming that using the term “sex” to refer to biological condition is transphobic. And then I got a very nice patch in the mail. It’s a lovely patch, the emblem is well done and attractive. BUT the reason is because a certain unit logo that goes back 50 years at least is now forbidden because it resembles *GASP* the Stars-n-Bars if you don’t really look at the thing. And so Ye Old Insignia is now verboten and must be stripped from everything and a new, harmless, inoffensive design will replace it (at owners’ expense, of course).

OK, now I’m pissed. It is the sheer piling up of stuff that is pushing me to that bridge. It is the growing desire to turn around and say “OK, let me get this straight. You want to rewrite biology to suit your current tastes. You want to cut out chunks of history and replace them rather than talk about why some people have different opinions about them. You want to ban any visual representation of a flag because it represents an eeeeevil thing that you also talk about endlessly because said eeeevil thing forms the foundation of your worldview and life goals. You want to make a private joke with a long and honorable past de facto illegal. You want to take a piece of US Navy and Revolutionary War history and declare it racist because it was adopted by a group of citizens who want less government intrusion and who include every skin tone from ‘charred asphalt’ to ‘new fallen snow.’ And you want me to swallow this without even a pretense of sugar on top?”

You know, at a certain point enough is enough. It’s like several other people on the ‘Net and in print have been warning. If you call someone a rat-bastard often enough, they are going to say “Sod it” and start acting like the rat-bastard you claim they are. I’m strongly tempted to wave that EEOC-prohibited flag, along with a few others that come to mind. I want to get a British East India Company tee-shirt. Or drive past a PETA meeting and throw hamburger patties at them. Or ask a certain activist for the genetic code that explains why homosexuality is genetic but heterosexuality is socially conditioned and exactly how that biological mechanism works.

I’m not going to, not in the near future. But oh boy howdy am I getting closer and closer to the “Oh, Sod this” point.


15 thoughts on “Where’s the Line?

  1. Summary of my current opinions on this sort of subject:

    An attack upon my culture is an attack upon my people is an attack upon me. Why, alone of all the peoples on God’s green Earth, should I not respond in kind to protect and defend me and mine?

  2. I’ve nothing insightful or amusing or even pedantic to add, merely whole-hearted agreement. It has been getting increasingly absurd, and I find it increasingly frustrating.

  3. As a member of an extremely historical ARNG Infantry Brigade, there was a great deal of joy not too many years ago when the Army re-authorized the use of BDE level unit patches, which had been phased out in the early 90s in favor of wearing the patches of higher-level commands. We were immediately issued our “Stonewall” (Jackson) patches to replace the Division ones we’d been wearing in the meantime. The very next month when we reported to drill we were required to remove them again and go back to the division patch as poor old Stony on a Pony had been immediately declared racist, without any thought to context or the historical roots of the unit. I’m still infuriated at having my military history and heritage ripped from my sleeve to placate some historically ignorant SJW. I do have a decal of my correct unit patch for the car, which is about all that’s in my power to do. It’s reached the point where the level of ignorance being imposed on us from above is terrifying, particularly for any who believe we should learn from history rather than rewriting it to be more comfortable.

    • Exactly this! I once asked someone why we can talk about Rommel as a great field commander but we can’t talk about Stonewall Jackson or Nathan Bedford Forrest. The response was “Well, because they’re different.” And that was all they would say.

  4. it resembles *GASP* the Stars-n-Bars …

    May I inquire if you are referring to First Flag of the Confederacy or the Confederate Battle Flag/Navel Jack? I only ask because I have heard both referred to as “Stars and Bars”.

    If the former, I’m surprised – since a majority of the population are not even aware that flag existed.

    • The Naval Jack/Battle Flag. I’d wager real money that 99% of people would thing the first flag of the CSA was either from the American Revolution or was Texas or Chile.

      • I have a Bonnie Blue I hang out every time there’s another flag flap around here (given I live in what was once the capitol of the confederacy, that’s rather more often than elsewhere). Most folks think I’m a slightly confused Dallas Cowboys fan.

      • Jane, I think I was in my early teens before I realized that “The Bonnie Blue Flag that bears the single star” did not refer to the Texas state flag. (The recording I learned the song from wasn’t the best, and not all the lyrics were understandable.) 🙂

  5. The line is where you say it is… because as long as you don’t draw it, they’re gonna keep pushing and pushing…

  6. I have that flag emblem on the back of my truck. It’s NOT coming off. And that Navy Jack passed to Nimitz as the oldest carrier. I’d like to see somebody try to make the crew remove it… I’m already PAST the point, I’m now into the Sod off, and sideways for your horse replies.

  7. Funny how stuff always means what they say it means, and not what the user says it means. For years the Confederate Flag (battle flag) was usually displayed to proclaim the displayer to be a rebel (at least in the Western half of the country, which is the half I am more familiar with). But suddenly it means that anybody who might possibly display something with white stars on a blue background is secretly racist. Whereas those who murder people while shouting “Allahu Akbar!” are not really muslims, no matter how much they might claim to be.

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