Theme Songs and Random Thoughts

Potentially NSFW Milt Caniff art below the fold.

While dodging through road construction detours and the beginning of rush-minute on my way back from the dentist last Thursday, I heard a set of familiar guitar chords, and promptly cranked the truck stereo.

Running guitar of duh duh duh that seems to go on forever, then Dumt, dum-dum-DUMt, dum-dum DUMt, dum dum DUUUUMMMMM. (And repeat with drums, and start layering keyboard) Need a hint? Movie song and cat.

I’m not ashamed to say that this and Mr. Mister’s “Kyrie Eleison” were my theme songs. Once I started flying and got past my commercial license, I added two songs from Transformers: The Movie (the original animated one): “The Touch” by Stan Bush and “Dare” also by Stan Bush.  Cheesy? Exceedingly so, probably cheesier than Wisconsin and France combined. But they worked.

The DJ must have been feeling 1980s, because next up was Pat Benatar’s “Shadows of the Night.” Alas, the Walter-Mitty style video has vanished from YouTube, because it had a great (for cheesy definitions of great) little movie of a gal working as a machinist in WWII and day-dreaming about being a secret agent sneaking behind German lines and stealing material from a Nazi headquarters and escaping in T-6 Texans. Which led to part of me wondering just how many women in that time and place would have been thinking anything close to that. Which led to my recalling Terry and the Pirates and Milt Caniff’s women. Strong? Oh heck yes. Scary? Some of them (you go tell the Dragon Lady no. I’ll be watching from waaaaay over here.) But very womanly. *points to the back row* Yes, I can tell that you know exactly what I’m referring to. Do we need a smoke break?

The original Dragon Lady.

The original Dragon Lady.

A later version from during the War. For those wondering, the insignia on her hat is Nationalist China. The original Flying Tigers wore the same thing on their flight wings.

A later version from during the War. For those wondering, the insignia on her hat is Nationalist China. The original Flying Tigers wore the same thing on their flight wings.

Ahem. A few rare exceptions aside, something tells me that most women would not be day-dreaming about flying behind enemy lines and acting like guys. Yes, I know a few women did, and more were critical to things like the OSS and Bletchly Park and so on, but really?

And the light changed and it was time to pay 100% attention to traffic instead of 90%.

And the dentist says I can eat real food for the first time since Nov. 2014. But NO crunching ice or C0rn-Nuts. It was C0rn-nuts that started this fiasco back in 2009, when I cracked a tooth. If I did not have a dental implant, I could have had braces to re-align things instead of retainers and other things that culminated in 28 orthodontic crowns.


8 thoughts on “Theme Songs and Random Thoughts

    • There’s a relatively new commercial (car?) that uses “Baby Elephant Walk.” Every time I hear the opening bars I start to grin. 🙂 Somewhere I have the sheet music for it. *carefully not looking at the Big Box o’ Sheet Music*

    • For a while someone was re-printing “Terry” in book form. I got the first two but couldn’t find the rest. All of a sudden a LOT more of _Tales of the Gold Monkey_ made sense (Princess Koji, a few others).

      • Congrats on finding the first two volumes – I happened across volume 6, I think it was, and couldn’t find any of the others. I hadn’t notices the connection to Tales of the Gold Monkey but now that you mention it it does seem to have been very influential. I’ve always considered it shame that series was so short lived – I loved it as a kid, and watching it in reruns as a teen. I think the inspiration it clearly had on Disney’s TaleSpin was the only reason I watched that show, despite being a tad older than the target audience.

  1. Ellie Keaton wrote three books (at least, so far) about women in WWII from a British perspective, mostly. Jean found the first one, and pointed it out to me. They’re not quite the ordinary fare I read, but I enjoyed them. They’re on Amazon. In fact, I think that’s probably the only place you can find them.

    • The only other place that might carry them would the the Bas Blu catalogue, and then it would be a very long shot. They sound interesting. 🙂

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