Spreading the Misery . . .

The title of a novella, “Aces and Eights,” inflicted this ear-worm on me and it’s only fair to share:

Michael Martin Murphy is good people. When we had the terrible fires in ’06 and the Feds et al wouldn’t help, he organized a benefit concert that brought in a goodly amount to help folks get through.

The song was written and released in late 1993, and didn’t get much radio time. Gee, I wonder why? I’ve been known to hum it at people pontificating about various and sundry topics.


4 thoughts on “Spreading the Misery . . .

    • There was a time in my life when MMM, Red Stegall, Ian Tyson, Sons of the San Joaquin, Alabama, and Marty Robbins were pretty much the only tapes in my car. And classical and Celtic, but for a while there it was country and western that kept me afloat.

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