The 70s called and want their clothes back

the 1570s BCE, that is.


Fontaine dress from Soft Surroundings, Summer 2016

Fontaine dress from Soft Surroundings, Summer 2016

Caution: Potentially NSFW art below the fold

Minoan priestess/diviner from Crete.

Minoan priestess/diviner from Crete.

Modern re-creation of ancient design:

Hmmm. Can I get that in fawn grey, size 8?

Hmmm. Can I get that in fawn grey, size 8?

Everything old is new again. But now it’s also machine washable. Snakes not included.

10 thoughts on “The 70s called and want their clothes back

  1. I never expected to see you use the anti-Christian, globalist “BCE” notation. 😦

    And yes, everything old is new again. In the high schools around here (PDR-MD), the kids are moving from the hippy 70’s to the grunge 90’s.

    I’ve been watching “Murdoch Mysteries” (turn of 20th century detective in Toronto) with my college bound daughter. She wants the dresses from the show. Flattering styles are appreciated through the ages.

    • I’ve got readers from all over, so I tend to alternate BC/AD and the other version. You might also find an occasional KYA or MYA if I’m quoting a geology or paleontology paper (thousand years ago/ millions of years ago, with the base date being 1950).

      I sort of like the New Look of the early 1950s, except for the tight sleeves.

      Since the catalogues and teen-wear stores are pushing “Boho” with lots of embroidery and multi-colored skirts and maxi dresses, I’m waiting for giant shoulder pads to appear in the near future as the excesses of the 70s leap into the worst of the 80s. Actually saw a proto-punk with a flannel shirt tied around his waist, so the 90s are floating through out here, or are trying to.

  2. There’s no problem washing snakes. Taking them out and putting them in the dryer, on the other hand. . . 8^)

    Actually, snakes are very clean animals, and some can make nice pets. My mother has never forgiven me for finding mine.

    • If I lived in the rural Panhandle, I’d see about encouraging a couple of house snakes, preferably bull snakes because they eat rattlers as well as mice.

      • That’s unnecessary, or frowned upon, in the urban and suburban portions, I take it?

      • You need a certain amount of food for the snakes, and in town, the neighbors tend to get concerned when someone starts encouraging vermin (four-footed kind). And getting feeder mice from the pet shop, well, then the snake’s probably not going to want to hunt because, hey! The food comes to him! So no, house snakes/yard snakes in town are not really popular.

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