New Alexi’s Tale Release

Different Generation, Same Danger or

Ask not for whom the cat texts, Captain Oblivious. He texts for thee.


Ivan the Purrable and the Twelfth Dancing Princess is now available on Amazon.

In Russian tales, the third son is the clever one, the hard-working one, the one who gets the victory, the girl, and usually a kingdom. And then there’s Steve . . .

Stavros George doesn’t believe in Baba Yaga or Chernobog. Steve believes in structural engineering, materials science, and that people need to tip their pizza delivery guys more. Too bad for Steve that Baba Yaga and Koschai the Deathless believe in him.

It will take all three of Alexi’s children’s bravery, strength, and wits, and Ivan the Purrable, to get out of this mess. And Steve had better hope his siblings reach him before Ivan does. Because there’s no tuna in Chernobog’s realm and Ivan’s seriously ticked.


6 thoughts on “New Alexi’s Tale Release

  1. I haven’t yet read any of the other books in this universe, but the blurb makes me want to run out and buy this. Will I be totally lost if I’ve not read the others first, or will it perhaps spoil the others if I read this one first?

  2. Having bought all the earlier ones and binge-read them, it’s pretty obvious that there are huge gaps between them, with just enough alluded-to backstory to give some shape.

    Are you planning to write those backstories at some point? It’s amazing how easy it is to tell – roughly – what must have happened reading this one, but the ~23 year gap between this story and the last gives so much room for more.

    • There will be a link story in the omnibus edition, and you can find it here also under “Firebird’s Feather.”

      I’m not certain about filling in more. It really depends on what my imagination decides to do. You see, there was only supposed to be one story, and then I got hit by another, and then a third and fourth, and then I was done. Finished. Fini. Or so I thought. 🙂

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