Occupy: Interrupted

When last we left the Redquarters version of the Occupy movement, Athena T. Cat had reclaimed possession of the toilet mat. She has remained there, especially in the evenings, apparently taking advantage of cool air, a warm mat, and the lack of disturbances. Until this past week . . .

You see, someone failed to warn Sib about OTM. *looks at ceiling*

Sib: “Excuse me. Could you keep Little Bit busy? I need to make a quick trip.”

TXRed: “No problem.” Little Bit was happily assembling a puzzle.

Sib disappears around a corner. Sound of light switch. Sound of door closing. Sound of

Sib: “Yipe!”

AtC: “Mrow!”

Oops. 😀

Athena was not amused. Sib took it in stride. Sib’s cat is black and matches the floor at night perfectly. After Sib and Little Bit left for the evening, AtC informed me in no uncertain terms that life was Not Good.

Snicker, snicker, snicker.


7 thoughts on “Occupy: Interrupted

  1. Cats have to learn that they aren’t absolute masters of the household. 😉

  2. We have a new kitten, barely a month old. That means we have to be doubly careful where we walk, since kitten is now all over the upstairs (at least the basement is safe). Mama cat weaned him at four weeks, and she’s eating ok, but it does seem strange. She’s a dark calico, with tan where most calicoes have white.

    • Sounds like she’s closer to a tortoiseshell (AKA Paiwacket) than a standard calico.

      And yes, kittens do add excitement to life – not always the kind you anticipate, either. 🙂

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