July Book News and State of the Author

So, first for the book news.

The next Colplatschki book, Forcing the Spring, has been edited and is getting formatting and cover, and should be ready by the end of August.

The Alexi short story omnibus is getting a cover and I’ll pull everything together for an early September release. The novella, “Ivan the Purrable and the Twelfth Dancing Princess” will probably come out in early October.

After that . . . it depends on if a publisher likes something. If he does, then I’ll flip a coin between the next Colplatschki book or the next Cat book and see what my December release will be. If not, then the book he’s looking at will be the December release.

Once I finish the third Colplatschki novel, I think I’ll start the book about, well, a colony world where the natives are quite happy to have humans show up, establish trade points, and then take over the management. Very happy. Perhaps suspiciously happy. You see, there are fascinating ruins hiding away, and hints of far higher tech than the natives have . . .

State of the Author –

sore. I’m writing this on Sunday, because Red 2.0 will be visiting this week and I think I’m going to be a “wee bit” busy. It’s amazing how dental work causes total disruption and distraction. Different parts of my mouth hurt on different days, and I’m trying to get used to where my teeth are now as compared to where they were. The bruising is going down, slowly, but having your mouth held open for four hours as the dentist is reshaping everything and then putting in temporary crowns takes a while to recover from. I can see why he won’t fit the finals for a month – it will take that long for everything to heal. Redheads bruise easily, bleed profusely, and take longer to heal from tissue damage than do most people.


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    • Thanks. I had an already-scheduled cleaning this AM. Everything looks good but she had to numb me before doing her thing because of the bruising.

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