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I’ve turned the comments on, and made certain that people can comment on new posts, at least according to the admin control panel. If WP is still balking, I’ll break out the big guns Glare of Unhappiness and see what else can be done.

My apologies for the frustration.


10 thoughts on “Comment Admin

  1. Okay I’ll try this again (my computer is acting up)

    Not that I had anything to say about it, but comments are still closed on the previous post, but hopefully opening them here will allow them to be open on all future posts.

    P.S. I notice that WordPress left comments on during the time you were gone and intended to have them closed, then promptly closed them when you got back.

  2. Have you reviewed A Net of Dawn and Bones yet? Where? Or is it going to show up here?

    (Comments are off on LibertyCon AAR.)

    • It will be here, probably next week. The visiting 4-ish year old has thrown my reading plans for a loop. Heck, thrown a lot of things for a whole flaming roller coaster. If I could bottle Red 2.0’s energy . . .

  3. Re: Saturday friends
    So, the argument will be about the tint of the coffee? If it’s good enough, black is wonderful. If not, well some cream. If it’s so bad it needs sugar as well, I shouldn’t drink it. Well, that’s my take on it.

    Re: LibertyCon
    Sorry to have missed you. Evidently I should have lurked at least near the party for a while longer. I’d say I’d hope to see you next year, but that would mean wanting Europe to blow up. I’d rather it didn’t. I expect it to, but I’d still rather it didn’t. 2018 perhaps? Assuming other things don’t blow up, that is.

  4. OK, I have manually opened comments on the posts, as well as on the control panel. You may now resume your regularly scheduled kibbitzing.

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