Dental Update

Started at 0900, finished at 1300. I’m still pretty numb because of the nerve blocks. But the new temporary teeth look, well, less interesting than my old ones did, and they seem to meet where they are supposed to. I get to try “real” food tomorrow because of all the muscle stretching and sore gums.

Barring surprises, I’ll have these for just under a month, then go in for Round Two, where the real crowns are mounted. Those will look closer to my originals in terms of color, although I did agree to let the doc straighten out one incisor that had rotated almost 90 degrees. The aesthetics really bugged him – he’s an artist at heart.

When this is all done, it will have effectively shifted my teeth to where they should have been, had my lower jaw been properly shaped and mounted [redacted] years ago. And will end my TMJ problems.

All kind thoughts are much appreciated.