Bastille Day

Cool photos from Bastille Day:

Not much today. Sorry. I’m having the first major dental work of a month of it today. I’m still recovering from LibertyCon.

AAR for LibertyCon will follow.


5 thoughts on “Bastille Day

  1. Question: Who was the most dangerous prisoner released from the Bastille on Bastille Day?

    Answer: Dracula, Lord Of Vampires (according to Marvel Comics). 😈 😈 😈 😈

      • If you want to split hairs, a count is a mid-ranked lord. To subdivide said split hair, a lot of monarchs had lesser titles as well as being, oh, Holy Roman Emperor, so he could have Count as one title but still be the boss vampire. I think Charles V of Spain had something like 23 different titles and ranks, for example.

      • “Count” was how he introduces himself in the Stoker Novel but he had the Mortal Title of Prince when he was breathing.

        Lord Of The Vampires is his title among Vampires meaning “I’m the Boss Vampire who no other Vampire will mess with”. 😉

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