Gee, You Don’t look Anything Like Your Blog

I am a wee bit introverted. I can do well addressing 400 people at an academic meeting. I can handle two or three folks that I know. But being invited out-of-town to meet a herd of people I know only via reading their blogs was a wee bit . . . nerve-wracking. That and trying to get the Alexi novella done enough to not worry about it, plus finally having a date for the Great Dental Adventure (which threatened to upset my plans to attend LibertyCon). You could say that I was a titch bit frazzled, yes.

So Friday afternoon I drove downstate to meet Peter and Dorothy Grant, Jim Curtis (Old NFO), and The Lawdog and Phlegmfatale. Along with a few others, including Jennifer of In Jennifer’s Head, Michael of Evyl Robot, Zercool, and a number of other folks and some of their kids. I was the newbie.

It was wonderful! I felt at home almost instantly. Conversation ranged from firearms, to musical instruments and music to kinds of pipe tobacco to adult beverages (and designs for the dispensing of) to kids to property to guns to why socialism is a bad idea to the joys of poking around archives to puns to flying stories to military stories and the fine art of sewing, along with how to do a proper 3-D render.

I collapsed around 2230 on Friday. Conversation went on until 0230 and reconvened at 0830 at the cafe/diner, then shifted to Old NFO’s house ( I don’t think he dared leave the brisket and shrimp unguarded for much longer.)

I had to leave early on Saturday to get back to Amarillo in order to do a tear down and set up for a special church service/performance on Sunday. (What are people thinking, scheduling a church wedding for Saturday afternoon in June? Come on 😉 ) But it was wonderful fun.

Although I suspect I’m not going to get “any leftover shrimp” in the mail like someone offered.

8 thoughts on “Gee, You Don’t look Anything Like Your Blog

  1. If I was you I would be praying I didn’t get any leftover shrimp in the mail… on about the first of July.

  2. It was great to see you, and glad you enjoyed yourself. Nope, the shrimp didn’t survive Sunday… Nor did much else!!! Hope all your plans worked out okay!

    • Congratulations! You are comment #1000!!

      The way people dove into dinner I didn’t think there’d be much left by, oh, ten minutes after I left. 🙂

      And yes, they did. The service/concert was probably the best of that kind I’ve ever participated in. I’ll have a write-up and link to the piece on the 4th.

    • It was more a case of the others looking me over and deciding, “Oh, you know those two? OK, you must be cool. You’re in.” That and folks falling over laughing at the name of my blog. 🙂 Apparently there are a goodly number of people out there with cats that are flat on one side.

  3. *hugs* You’re welcome down anytime, you know! Although I can’t promise that much socializing as a standard thing… I fear with LibertyCon around the corner, you might think we’re social butterflies instead of slightly antisocial cats.

    • “Slightly antisocial cats?” Hey, I’m the one who has hermits look at her and politely suggest that I need to get out more. 🙂

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