New Release and State of the Author

This was going to be an insightful and well written discussion of labor in history and fiction.

Sorry. Brain dead after Wednesday’s marathon finish of the 10th (!) Colplatschki book.

Coming Soon - probably tomorrow.

Coming Soon – probably tomorrow Wednesday the 22nd.

As you will note, the title has changed. Because “claws” feature in the Powers alt-history series, and “When Shadows Fall” seems to be the second or third most popular book title on the ‘Zon, this one became Shadows and Anguish. Even Rada Ni Drako has a break point. She’s about to find it.

Also changed is a publication order thing. Instead of starting the Powers trilogy, I’ve decided to go with the next Colplatschki book, Forcing the Spring. A Carpathian Campaign needs some rewrites and edits because I was too close to the source material. What was clearly obvious to me – people saying “Oh, it won’t be a war. Or if it is, it will be short and fun, just what we need!” in May 1914 are about to get the hammer dropped on them – wasn’t so apparent to my alpha and beta readers. And there’s some cultural things that need a little more clarification (Magyar is not always a friendly nick-name).

So I’m sketching out an Alexi novel (yes, Ivan is back, with Smart Phone. The world may never recover), gathering the Alexi stories +1 for an omnibus later this summer (which will also be available in print), and about to start the I-hope-it-is-the-last-but-I-don’t-dare-say-that-out-loud Colplatschki book. And the one based on the Raj that’s been bugging me. And the next Cat book.

For those who don’t like kissing – the next Cat book has kissing. Sorry.