Random Redquarters Report

Spring arrived moist after a mild winter. This encouraged the plants to go wild once it began to warm up. Parts of the yard at RedQuarters were impassable because of rose bushes. You know those plants in the plant catalogues described as “rambler?” They really will roam, if given enough water and not frozen to death over winter. They also have lots of thorns. Thanks be for rose gauntlets.


Like these. You'll still get scratched, though. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81twOLneJgL._UX522_.jpg

Like these. You’ll still get scratched, though. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81twOLneJgL._UX522_.jpg

In addition to attack roses, MomRed is big into herbs. Some are for cooking, and some are for caterpillars to live on before they go to the butterfly hatching house (built by DadRed). Fennel is popular with swallowtail larvae. It is also more prolific than rabbits or daisies and will spread faster than teachers exiting the building on the last day of school. Mom tries to keep it corralled, but every so often it needs to be sheared. Which led to the following:

Mom Red: I need to get one of those ring stakes to corral the fennel. I’m also going to trim it.

TXRed: Is that de-fennel-stration?

Dad Red: I told you we should not have sent her to high school.

Note, this is the same DadRed who, after watching one of the harrier hawks catching and eating a white wing dove in the back yard said, “The dove has experienced the raptor.”

Although it was Sib (I think) who almost got tossed out of a church youth group party by pointing to the three-colored Neapolitan ice cream and observing, “How ecowminical!”


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  1. I would be very comfortable in a conversation with your family. Reminds me of home. πŸ™‚

    • I probably should start putting warnings up. After I exile an archbishop and completely reorganize the income and properties of a church, that is. Priorities, you know.

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