Don’t Do This to me, Muse!

Yeah, so last Friday afternoon I finished the story that will be added to the five Alexi stories for an omnibus release later this summer. That was supposed to be the end of my dealings with the Zolnerovich family. They all live happily ever after, Ivan the Purrable gets his phone back, and Alexi and Catherine Mary enjoy a quiet retirement without any more visits from Russian spirits.


The Muse gloating at the havoc about to ensue . . .

The Muse gloating at the havoc about to ensue . . .

And I got hit by a novel involving the next generation: Peter, Catherine Theodora, and Stavros George. And Ivan the Purrable.

Now this would not be so bad except I have at least one more Colplatschki novel to write (is in progress right now), probably two, a book set on a different colony world about something not unlike the British Raj, except the natives are not human, and they want the humans to stay. You see, there’s a reason all those old ruins are ruins, and it came from the stars, just like the humans did . . . And there’s the next Cat books.

Edited to add: Yep, a third Colplatschki book jumped me the other night. Had an entire final scene pop up as I was research reading. It involves the empress of NovRodi, the last of the Harriers, and the Turkowi. And the effects of a geologic surprise.

So much for wondering what I’d work on next . . . Whimper, whimper, whimper.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Do This to me, Muse!

  1. Perhaps Ivan the Purrable is a Russian Spirit. [Very Big Grin While Flying Away Very Fast]

    • The next Cat novel is in edits and cover design right now, so I hope for an early July release. I’m doing a little schedule juggling with the Colplatschki series and the new alt-history series (that is set in the Cat universe). As soon as the current Colplatschki book lets go of my throat. I’m almost 25K words in.

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