Salvia and friend.

Salvia and friend.

Ebb Tide in flood.

Ebb Tide in flood.

For the first time in [redacted] years that I’ve lived in or visited Redquarters, you can smell the yard. The roses have exploded, the Salvia and other native plants are going great guns, and the place looks like the plant catalogues say it is supposed to.

I have no idea how long it will be before we get another spring like this one, but thanks be we’ve got it. Remember that overgrown side yard? It looks like a pink and white arbor. Which is wonderful until you try to mow the grass. Did I mention that roses have thorns?

But thanks be that the thorns have roses!


7 thoughts on “Flower?

  1. My lilac bush is loaded with what looks like upside down clusters of purple grapes, the blooms are so big. And the scent permeates the whole yard.

    • I enjoy other people’s lilacs. 🙂 There’s not enough room in the yard for lilacs and anything else.

    • Neighbor has lilacs… this year they are nice, but a few years ago they were many and potent. So potent that the high concentration went from ‘Oh, nice, lilacs’ to “D@mn, what smells like pepper?”

      Not quite for this post, but more for some others not long ago, the smell in the air yesterday morning was smoke. wood smoke. And it was as if everyone in town was using a wood stove or cooking out with wood, but it was from Canadian fires – the long way across the state. It was quite surprising how intense it was considering the distance, which indicates how bad things must be.

      • Yes. I’ll probably have a fire post at some point. I suspect the closest recorded-history fire to the scale of what we’re seeing right now is the Peshtigo Fire and the others of 1871. Everyone remembers Chicago burning, but a large swath of Wisconsin and Minnesota also went up.

        I’d love to see how the rankings of Stephen Pyne’s books on the history of wildland fire have done the past few weeks. And yes, that is his real name.

  2. I grew up in Wisconsin, so there was mention of the Peshtigo fire in state history. It feels weird to me that it’s “obscure” to some.

  3. Our lilacs are blooming, and I love it. The roses are recovering, but it’s a bit early for them to bloom here. We’re lucky it didn’t get cold enough during our last snowstorm to damage the apple blooms. As for wildfires, I remember the ones from two years ago, and another huge fire from 2005 that made driving in Denver dangerous.

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