Ancient German Secret

So, my class was discussing the Cold War, and I had some Soviet and Chinese propaganda posters projected on the screen. I read the captions*, we talked about the images, and were moving along rather quickly when:

The Voice From the Back of the Room: Miss Red, how do you know so many languages?


Miss Red: I bathe in dragon’s blood. Like Sigfried. [Brief Pause] After Mao’s death, the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party . . .

I wasn’t kidding. I have bathed in dragon’s blood.

And thus the legend grows . . .

*I’d memorized the translations of the captions when I pulled the images off the ‘Net. The students know I am fluent in German, but now rumor has it that I can at least read Russian and Mandarin. And yes, I have used Dragon’s Blood bar soap. It’s pretty good, at least the brand I tried was (ZumBar). The scent is a bit like pine but nicer in confined spaces like a shower.

3 thoughts on “Ancient German Secret

  1. I might have tried that scent. I do like the Zum stuff, when I’m not buying directly from a maker (renfaire, usually). Have some cedar at the moment.

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