Cat Gangs and other Oddities

So there I was . . .

OK, the pilots and military vets can stop giggling.


I was driving back from choir rehearsal Wednesday evening, just after sunset. There was enough light to see but not enough to see really well. I’d taken a secondary route home because of construction on Amarillo’s interstate junction is making an already interesting stretch downright exciting, and discretion is the better part of survival. So I’m tooling along one of the wider residential through streets not far from Redquarters and motion ahead and to my right catches my eye. It’s low to the ground, in a yard.

A group of cats are tumbling across the yard toward the road. I slow down, in case the concatenation spills out of the yard. I didn’t have time to count, but I’d swear there were at least eight cats, larger than kitten sized, moving as a group toward a small ornamental evergreen shrub/tree at the front north corner of the yard. The cats ranged from black to white with tabby patches, and did not seem to be fighting, just doing something as a group.

They remained in the yard, and I drove past and returned my full attention to the road.

I have not seen anything like that before outside of commercials or places like animal shelters and catteries.

We’ve also got  respectable number of birds that have not left yet. Goldfinches usually hang out all winter, turn gold, and then leave without saying thank you. Then they come back in the fall, lose their color, and eat our seed all winter. Not this year. They are sticking around. Ditto the waxwings, which have been here for three weeks. No hummingbirds have come through, and they are usually here by now.

I’m starting to wonder.