New Release and Sale!!

Renaissance: A Novel of Azdhag Survival is now live and at a starter’s discount of $2.99


Hubris, the prequel, is on Kindle Countdown for $.99 through the 17th of April.Hubris_Cover_1500x2400

Some days, a reptile just wants a good beer.

How hard can it be to keep a colony planet in the Empire? Well, it wouldn’t be as challenging if it weren’t for dragging along the Prince Imperial and confronting the King-Emperor’s possibly-insane brother.

Poor Tartai. He just wants to cut logs, have a good beer, and keep his family fed and housed. Alas, his father, the late Lord Tarkeela, is still remembered by the Powers That Be. Tartai wants nothing to do with the Court. The King Emperor has other plans, as Drakon IV and the Empire threaten to come apart at the seams two generations after the genetic disaster that led to the Great Relocation.