Yeah, Voltron is back!

OK, I confess, I am a serious Voltron (lions) fan. I even saved my pennies as a kid and bought the large lion set, the one where the assembled Voltron stood almost three feet tall. I saw, I think, two of the vehicle episodes and didn’t care for them, but the classic? Oh yeah!

Interesting that Voltron uses a Japanese blade-work style, but not surprising. Granted, when you are using a broadsword, parry-and-thrust is not really within your style book.

Cheesy? Yup. Repetitive? Yup. Much fun because the good guys win and the girl is not just a sidekick to be defended? Yup.

Would I love more backstory? Oh heck yeah. Where did the tech for the robots come from, who built them, how, why, why did they get divided up (see the movie), how did the king’s ghost get built into the lions . . .


2 thoughts on “Yeah, Voltron is back!

  1. I’d heard a whisper a few months back, so it is true. The stills on the site don’t appeal to me, but maybe the story line will. (but then I was one of the odd balls who saw Voltron Force and kinda liked it.) I do hope they lose the mice though.
    {btw, the cries for more females is already started. -sigh- Guess they don’t know about Alura and the Blue Lion.}

    • Agreed on the mice.

      Unless Voltron had an all-woman crew fighting all-male Robobeasts, someone will fuss. Probably even then, someone will say that “X scene does not pass the Bechdel test,” or that having an all-woman crew is obviously a token reversal and thus is still sexist.

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