I’ll talk, I’ll talk!

If anything terminal happens to the neighbor’s new security light, I had nothing to do with it, I was nowhere near it when the accident occurred, and I have witnesses and receipts. Promise. Although, if looks could kill, that floodlight from h-ll would have died a hundred times over.

Redquarters is in a middling nice neighborhood. Crime is not all that common, aside from littering, kids trying to see if they can go 0-60 in less than a block, and occasional windows shot out by BB guns. We do lock our doors and back gates, but don’t worry about someone stealing the cement animal in the flowerbed.

For reasons unknown, the family who live behind the house and over one installed a new motion activated security light and mounted it on a tree. OK, the tree is more attractive than a 15′ tall metal pole, and the phone and power company frowns on you attaching extraneous things to their poles. This is not a problem despite my preference for darkness. They probably have a good reason for the security light, and there are other people with backyard security lights or patio lights. My problem is the halogen stare through my window.

The light is not aimed down. Or at least, it is not aimed down enough for my taste. It shines right into my window, between the two halves of the curtain. I don’t think the KGB could have done such a good job it they’d planned something like that. Did I mention it is motion driven? In a place with winds that often pick up during the night, or continue well after dark? And it shines into my window? And comes on at unpredictable moments because it is in a tree with swaying branches and shines in my window?*

They don’t have to worry about me climbing over their fence and removing items from the back yard, though. And as I said before, if anything happens to that [redacted, censored, censored] light, I had nothing to do with the accident and I will have receipts to prove it.

Pinkie swear.

*I’ve talked to them about it. The mount can’t be adjusted, and they believe that once the leaves come in, it won’t be a problem. In the long run, it’s not worth a major fight over, and they are good about other things, so I’m working around the spot light from H-ll. For now.


5 thoughts on “I’ll talk, I’ll talk!

  1. Putting the mirror in the window, at least when you are trying to sleep will also have the benefit of blocking the light!

    • I’m contemplating that. The trick will be the second mirror, to bounce the beam back down into their bedroom or TV room. First I have to get the glare over the wall and fence.

  2. The first mistake you made was to talk to them about it. Now they’ll know who to suspect when it is pelletized.

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