Dreaming of a White . . . Easter?!?

IMG_0083 Well, so much for “rain switching to a rain snow mix after 0200 and a low of 33″

It was 28 with 2” on all unpaved surfaces, and it switched at 2000 last night.

IMG_0084 I think any pastel Easter Eggs will not be found until at least tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of a White . . . Easter?!?

  1. I don’t know when it was, but Mom & Dad talked about snow on one Easter here in Illinois-Indiana.

      • It was “odd” as well which is why it was still being talked about (when me & my sister were young).

  2. Snowing outside as I type this, but not sticking. Looking out the church window while listening to the sermon I could see snowflakes coming down, and while it wasn’t sticking there, you could see the snow line on the hill behind town, just a couple hundred feet higher in elevation. And there was slush on my windshield when I got out of church.

  3. Growing up in north/central WI, any early Easter there was likely snow on the ground yet. That meant that after dying eggs, we (sister & I, maybe Pa too) would disposes of the dye in the snow. A small amusement, but an amusement.

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