Happy Pi Day!

Apple . . .

Apple . . .

Pumpkin . . . [http://www.saveur.com/sites/saveur.com/files/import/2013/images/2012-10/7-SAV151-HomeSlice-750x750.jpg]

Pumpkin . . . [http://www.saveur.com/sites/saveur.com/files/import/2013/images/2012-10/7-SAV151-HomeSlice-750×750.jpg]

Peach Pi pie! [http://www.kitchen208.com/wp-content/uploads/pie-day-at-Kitchen-208.jpg]

Peach Pi pie! [http://www.kitchen208.com/wp-content/uploads/pie-day-at-Kitchen-208.jpg]


7 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day!

    • That’s good, but my personal favorite meat pie is saurbaten pie, served with sour cream.

    • I like the mincemeat in the jars. Not the original, not if I have to make it myself. I’m lazy when it comes to baking.

      • Yeah, I’ve never made mincemeat, but I’ve used canned mincemeat to make pies. My grandmother used to send me boxes of fruit she canned every year, including jars of apple pie filling, and occasionally mincemeat. I made a lot more pies then, when all I had to do was make the crust, dump the jar in, and stick it in the oven.

        • I’m happy to make the filling, but crusts hate me. No matter what I do, they stick to the rolling pin, or tear as I’m putting them in the pan, or decide to brown at four different rates (on the same pie! I was impressed.) Things breadish I can do. Cobblers I can do. Cakes within limits (No, I’m not making an eight-layer German tort for the bake sale tomorrow. Just no.) Pie crusts? I prefer to sub-contract.

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