When the Muse Attacks . . .

No, not a story, yet. Probably I’ll run Version 1 on Tuesday and Version 2 on Wednesday.

I’m trying to work on the Colplatschki novel. And I need a dragon story-and-a-half for a story pack I’m (or perhaps was) planning on for late April. But no, no the Muse hits me with three stories this week, now four.

Two (and a bit) are from Rada’s younger days.

One is an alien’s take on a Rada story, both of which came from the title and sound of a piece of New Age music I heard on my free-for-eight-more-days satellite radio as I was driving to work on Friday. Or, I should say, the Rada story came, and the kick to use a different PoV hit as I was writing yesterday.

The other Rada story started as a horror idea, but it would have been grim-dark and downer. I can’t do that, so the Muse jammed the solution at me during the concert last night.

And if she wasn’t busy enough, during the closing number last night, she poked me hard. Sgt. Alexi Zolnerovich, currently assigned to the ROTC at the Colorado State School of Mines, is trying to figure out why some of his ROTC cadets are being accused of stealing fruit from a cherry orchard during a night exercise. And Babushka is complaining about some oligarch who is building an ugly house that the locals call the castle and wants to buy her out. Of course she’s not going to. And Ivan the Purrable has his phone privileges back . . .

And WordPress won’t let me use those words to describe my Muse that I really want to use, because this is not an adults-only blog.

I can’t win.



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  1. I wish I had a Tardis so I could loan it to you. That way you could write all the stories and still get some sleep before you have to go work. šŸ˜‰

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