Fantasy Lands

Recently, while standing in for another teacher, I had to hunt up the artist of a piece of art attributed to the Hudson River School.

But not this one. No what I was hunting for was a dramatic, very Romantic, mountain scene with storms, fang-toothed mountains, and deer in the foreground.

For some reason I thought it was Moran. Nope, Bierstadt. If it is the Grand Canyon, it’s probably Moran. In the course of hunting up the image, I discovered that to my surprise, Bierstadt had painted self-described fantasy landscapes. Why surprise? I guess because even though I know very well that various painters did imaginary places (like C. D. Friedrich, one of my favorites), to see paintings labeled as fantasy at the time they were painted in the early to mid 1800s made me blink. I can be very slow.

Also interesting are the modern fantasy landscapes based on Bierstadt’s paintings:

Or this:

Anyone else hear the LoTR theme in the background? "Fantasy landscape" By RaymondMinaar. From:

Anyone else hear the LoTR theme in the background? “Fantasy landscape” By RaymondMinaar. From:

It’s part of Oliver Wetter’s ‘Ancient Kaiju Project,” which has some interesting mixes. They can be seen at

It’s far too easy to spend way too much time going through Bierstadt (and Moran) paintings on-line. Far too easy.