Don’t Eat that Pecan!

No, do not touched the glazed pecans, I beg you! They’ll lure you over to the dark side, the nibbling side, and the bag will vanish and you will be frantically looking for the maker’s web page, desperate to order more. Whatever you do, don’t open that bag!

Too late.

I warned you . . .

I warned you . . .

They came as a gift. The bag sat on the counter at Redquarters. Ignored. Unopened. Unloved. The chocolates disappeared, as did the fruitcakes, and marzipan. Pecans are not really my thing. I could ignore them. Until one afternoon . . .

I undid the wire tie. Fished a pecan out. Just one, out of curiosity. I wasn’t hungry. It looked like a shiny pecan, one of the expensive kind. Probably crack my dental appliance, I thought. Really shouldn’t try it, but if the person asked if I liked them I needed to be honest.

Nibble, nibblenibble. SNARF!

My hand emerged from the bag with three more in my grip, and an all-too-knowing voice asked, “Good, aren’t they?”

“Yes, ma’am. Not bad at all.” How could I steal the bag? Could I sneak it away with me to work? No, not supposed to eat in class and then there are the mice . . . And since Mom and Dad Red had started eating the nuts, they’d notice their disappearance and blaming the cat was not an option. Not this cat. Because of the witnesses present, I stopped with those four.

The pecans are soft and woodsy tasting like good pecans should be, a little rich but not fatty or greasy. Under a sweet but not overwhelming, crisp glaze that melts into the pecan and mmmmm.

Evil, evil little nuts. Eeeevil little nuts.

I want a case at least.

Give in to the dark-sugar side.

Give in to the dark-sugar side.

The daaaaark chocolate side . . .

The daaaaark chocolate side . . .

Remember: nuts are good for you.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Eat that Pecan!

  1. Being from Louisiana, and having a cousin who has a pecan orchard, I do love pecans. Best fresh-shelled, unsalted. Second-best in Jean’s pecan pie, but I can’t eat that any more. 8^(

    I hate being a diabetic. . .

  2. Living at the south end of the Big Thicket, there’s an occasional pecan among the pines, and it can be mixed collecting the nuts, depending on how the summer and squirrels treated them. I don’t think I’ve even found any good ones this year, from the tree in back, which is starting to lean uncomfortably toward our house.

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