Lambing Season!

I may start bringing my own water to work rather than drinking from the well. It seems that a goodly number of the other teachers or staff are 1) in a family way, 2) were very recently in a family way and are now on leave, 3) have a wife who is due any day/hour, or 4) have a new grandchild. Which is great, and I’m very happy for them!

Buuuutttt, it means we are stretched a wee bit thin. I am covering for another teacher and catching other classes as needed. In addition to mine.

Please pardon light posting for the next few weeks.

Many thanks for your understanding and patience.


One thought on “Lambing Season!

  1. I cannot speak for all, but I will presume that the followers of your postings comprehend the situation well enough and prefer you to cause actual education rather than mere schooling. And there is this Spring thing coming, eventually.

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