Adult Brain vs. Kid Brain

So, I’m looking at the e-mail from Ye Insurance Company detailing what the remains of the Old Truck were worth, and how much I will get. The internal dialogue went a bit like this:

Kid Brain: “Wheeeee!!! Yeee haaawww! Books! Books, books, books, that green fleece coat, and a trachten dress, and books, and that black metal music and epic music, and books, and really fancy chocolate and books and a big juicy steak dinner and boooookkkkksssss!”

Adult Brain: “Ahem.”

KB: “Wheeee! Books books, booksbooksbooks! And that necklace and ring.”

AB: “AhHEM.”

KB: [irritated] “Whut.”

AB: “That money was for the truck.”

KB: “Yeah, and the new truck is in the driveway. Books! Dinner out! Books!”

AB: [heavy sigh] “The bank owns over half of the new truck.”

KB: “But the bank can’t drive.”

AB: “True, but they can tow. The money goes to pay down the new truck.”

KB: “What?!? No waaaayyyy.” [Whines] “I never have any fuuunn.”

AB: “You want to walk to work every morning at 0530 and walk back every day at 1500?”

KB: [sulking] “No.”

AB: “The money goes to pay for the new truck.”

KB: “I never have any fun. Thppppppth”

AB: “Like the novel that just appeared on the e-reader? And the Smetana recording?”

KB: “Those don’t count. I’m getting overtime this week.”

AB: [heaves sigh]: “Which the IRS will get. In a week and a half.”

KB: “Quit bringing reality into this, will you?”

AB: “Ready for ramen every night?”

KB: “No.” [pouts]

AB: “No.”


5 thoughts on “Adult Brain vs. Kid Brain

  1. Amazingly, I’d never even heard of ramen until well out of school. I now keep some around, for when there isn’t food or time for food. Since I’ve never had to have it, I don’t mind it now and then.

    • A little bit now and then isn’t bad, especially if it is “I’m famished and I just don’t have time . . .” I do not recommend a steady diet, even if you only use a little bit of the packet (salt!!!!)

  2. One day, after my old roommate and I had been out of college for several years, I was in her kitchen. I was, at the time, rebuilding my airplane, and we were chatting about that and remodeling on her house. I looked up on top of the fridge.

    “Uh, J—?”

    “Yup?” She looked up, and the woman who can gut a moose, change a diaper, and measure nekkid actor flesh to create stage costumes without ever turning a hair turned scarlet at the object there. “Oh, um, yeah. That. Um, well.” She shifted a hip to turn her back on the dining room, though no one else was there, and dropped her voice to a whisper. “It’s just, sometimes, I get a craving for it.”

    I nodded, flopping my head with a muppet’s worth of agreement. “I know what you mean! I mean, for months after, I couldn’t stand to think of it, but now… let’s call it nostalgia!”

    “Nostalgia! Yes! That’s it!” She grinned, straightening up.

    “Yep. Wanna split a packet?”

    “Nah. You like too much flavor packet in yours! I remember how you fixed it!”

    “Well, you with your thousand and one soups, and never using it as a noodle base…” We pulled two packets of chicken ramen from the bulk pack, giggling away.

  3. Okay, what is wrong with you people? The flavor packet is there to be used! Ramen without a packet of flavoring is way too bland.
    Occasionally when I am in a hurry, breakfast consists of poaching an egg in enough water to make a packet of ramen (in the microwave, of course) and then adding the crushed up packet of ramen and flavoring to the boiling water with poached egg, stir thoroughly and… Waalah! Breakfast.

    No, I don’t want a steady diet of it, but it does make a fairly regular addition to my camp meals. When camping I always figure anything that can be cooked with boiling water*, is good.

    *Take Denny Moore microwavable meals, or cans of soup, drop them in a pot of boiling water for 7-10 minutes, take out and open, they will be hot and ready to eat, plus you now simply add coffee grounds to your already boiling water to make coffee. Just if you plan on having ramen for dessert, hold off on adding the coffee grounds.

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