Update on Occupy: Toilet Mat

Well, the on-going protest movement in Redquarters, Athena T. Cat’s occupation of the mat in front of the commode in the front bathroom, has reached a winter hiatus. Now she only wants the mat when your feet are warming it. There is a bit of a draft in winter, you see, and she cares not one whit for the chill. So she has moved to a more prominent place to stage her protest. Protesting what? Lack of attention when she desires attention, too much attention when she does not want it, too much ice/not enough ice in her water dish, lack of sunshine, sunshine in the wrong place, someone forgot to put her ramp back after vacuuming the floor (OK, that one’s legit), in other words, all the things a cat complains about.

The new site of Occupy:

We Shall NOT be Moved!

We Shall NOT be Moved!

That was my chair. Note the past tense. I have been relegated to the wooden rocking chair, at least after I finish warming the reading chair. Athena T. Cat has gotten very good at sliding from my lap into the seat before I can lift her down as I stand to go do whatever. And then raising cain if I evict her, thus drawing cries of sympathy from Mom Red* (to whom Athena supposedly belongs.)

I believe this is called a stalemate.

  • Although, the other day I heard Mom Red exclaim, “Quit being so feline! You are such a cat some evenings, I declare.” Heh.

5 thoughts on “Update on Occupy: Toilet Mat

  1. Turn the movement on its head and start one of your own: Occupy Cat. Every time cat enters room, pursue cat, pick cat up, put cat in lap, and pet cat until cat makes cat warning sounds in the back of its throat. Four or five days of this and cat will start seeking out rural rest spots like closets and your sock drawer.

  2. Yep, I recognize the catitude of a calico/tortishell. -laugh- Take typical feline ‘tude and multiply it by a factor of 3 and you get Torti-tude. (yes, that applies to calicoes too – it has something to do with the red and black hair on the same cat.)

  3. “Quit being so feline! You are such a cat some evenings, I declare.”

    Pa would often tell the dog, “You’re a dog, and that’s all you’re ever gonna be.”
    After a while he would occasionally aside, “The bad part is I think the dog is more OK with that than I am.”

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