State of the Author:


I apologize for the intermittent posting recently. My day job got very busy, I had to go out of town for a 16 hr FAA flight-instructor refresher course, I’m waiting on biopsy results (funny-looking-thing on arm), and I’m also trying to get the insurance matters sorted out with my pick-up. Things appear to be resolving, at least for the moment, so I should be able to resume non-day-job work shortly.

Yes, the next Alexi story will be out in December, and I’ve started revising the next Cat novel.


2 thoughts on “State of the Author:

  1. You take care of yourself. I’m looking forward to a lot of your stories over the next few decades, rather than a few right now that burn you out.

    Good luck with insurance companies, and the test results.

  2. Good luck with the test results, stay firm with the insurance. It has been a long time since I had to deal with insurance, but I have never once had them give me the true replacement value of the vehicle without a lot of wrangling. So if they aren’t going to replace your truck, make sure they don’t rip you off.

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