The Four Rules: Sharp Things Edition*

  1. The edge of the knife/sword/arrowhead/saw/chisel is always sharp.
  2. If you need/want to test a blade’s sharpness, see rule number 1 and proceed accordingly.
  3. Never test the blade against something you are not willing to cut. Because #1.
  4. Always be aware of what is under/behind the item you intend to cut or are testing the blade on. Because #1

Yes, I have a large flap of skin missing from the tip of one thumb. I was mucking around with the tiny little useless-for-anything blade inside a teeny little Leatherman (TM) Micra (R) Thursday evening. That teeny little smooth blade is quite sharp. I did not realize I’d skimmed off my hide until the blade touched the thumbnail. Yes, I was stupid, yes, I know better, no, I will not repeat the experiment.

At least not with that particular sharp pokey-slicey thing.

*With profound apologies to Col. Jeff Cooper.


2 thoughts on “The Four Rules: Sharp Things Edition*

  1. The worst part is, it interferes drastically with typing for an inordinate amount of time.

    Great lemonade from it in this case. (as it were)

    • That and I don’t have a good story to explain what happened. The school security specialist is still giggling, I think.

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