Slow Posting this week

In case this turns out to be a slow-posting week:

I was in a car wreck Saturday AM. I got bruised and shaken around, but no one was hurt. It’s put me off my stride a little, so if the content is a tad light, that’s why. I’m also getting ready for an FAA license re-newel weekend (18 hours of drinking from a fire-hose. Whee!). And school stuff.

Thank you for your patience.


5 thoughts on “Slow Posting this week

    • Probably totaled. I hope it can be fixed, Dad Red wants it totaled out. If we could saw out the passenger side front seat area and just weld and upholster in a replacement module, all would be well (that and a new front axle). I don’t see that happening easily.

      • Sounds like a T-bone, that is actually harder to fix than a head on collision. Toyota’s cost so blasted much used that they may not total it. Yeah it is nice to get a new rig instead of a fixed wrecked one, but unless you are willing to fork out the extra cash for a new truck, finding a decent replacement Toyota comparable to what you had (especially for less than a brand-new price) is so hard around here I would kind of hope for them to repair it.

        I’ve fixed a few totaled Toyotas (in fact one of the two I currently own I bought totaled and fixed) but I’ve always steered clear of side impacts, that always seemed beyond my expertise. đŸ™‚

        Bottom line though, trucks are replaceable, you’re not, glad to hear you are ok.

        • Yup, she T-boned me, although not at a pure 90 degree angle (I was taking evasive action at the moment of collision.) And that’s why I’m hoping they can repair it – “good used Toyota pick-up at reasonable price” are words not often used in the same sentence.

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