Story Seeds

You know, the last thing I need right now is story seeds sprouting in my mind. But apparently my subconscious has decided that there’s not enough going on in my life, and so I got hit with some interesting bits via a dream. Now, I should preface this by saying I know some authors who regularly have chunks of plot or new characters appear during sleep and they take it as normal. Not Yours Truly. I tend to get ambushed while walking, or working on other projects (or reading a book of fairy tales . . .) OK, and then there was that morning when the historical character upon whom Mathew Charles Malatesta is based appeared in the back seat of my pick-up as I was pulling into the library parking lot and informed me that I had another Colplatschki book to write. But not in dreams. This time it was different. I’d gotten up, done middle-of-the-night stuff and went back to sleep. The dream hit hard and fast, starting with a group of teenagers or young adults (or maybe just young-in-the-world) people at a school or military base. It was hard to tell – fences and square, dark-colored buildings. Some bad guys appeared and started herding some of the kids away, while others ducked for cover or snuck off. A few of the good adults and a few of the kids found relics, like crowns, that manifested or projected masks, like the lacquer samurai faces or some of the armor-masks, and that pushed new skills and personae into the wearer. Something happened, and one kid was left alone, holding an artifact that looked like a cross between a samurai and Charlemagne that projected between two glowing gold rings. He didn’t want the power and responsibility that came with the thing, but felt deep down that he didn’t have a choice if he was going to help his friends and classmates and so he started to pull on the mask/artifact/persona.

Where is this going? No idea, although I know the kid is going to try to live up to the mask even though he doesn’t think he can. Where does the power in the artifacts come from? Is it magic or super-high tech (like in David Drake’s General series)? Who are the bad guys and what’s going on? Heck if I know, I’m just the author.

I do know that I do NOT have time for this. The New Founders’ War just bloomed into something a lot more complicated than I’d planned and that wants to be done by next July 4. I have job stuff that needs to be done, the next Cat novel needs work, I need to re-do Language of the Land and see if I can fit into the publishing queue . . .

Bad muse, bad, bad!


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  1. And of course the sequel to Blackbird… you know, the one about his sons?

    Oh, sorry, did you say you were busy?

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