Another snippet in search of a story . . .


The Clerk of the Court looked up from its computer display. “You are . . ?”

The female humanoid presented her identification. “Commander Rada Ni Drako, the neutral observer,” she stated. The insect compared the bio-data on the card with the soldier standing in front of its seat. Everything matched and the clerk checked off the last of the personnel list.

“Very good, Commander Ni Drako. If you will have a seat,” and it gestured with an appendage, “the judge will be calling the observers into his chambers in a few kee.”

Rada did as suggested and used the time to review the case. She had been called in to a, well, she wasn’t sure if it would be called a court martial or a trial. Either way, someone had been naughty, or was accused of being naughty, and was going to have to prove that he had not done what he supposedly did. Why did I agree to this? Because it’s part of the job, she sighed within her head. Contacts and information don’t come free and you have to keep your reputation up. Master Thomas called it “community service,” and “professional collegiality.” Rada called it a pain in the arse but gritted her fangs and did it anyway.

A door panel slid open and another insect appeared. “Commander Ni Drako? In here, please Ma’am.” Rada stood and followed the red and orange beetle into the judge’s chambers. She was not checked for weapons because it was assumed that everyone was armed and could be trusted to act like civilized creatures. The judge’s secretary led the mammal down a corridor into a lushly appointed office where four other creatures were waiting. “Your Honor, Commander Ni Drako of the Mustang’s Marauders,” the beetle announced.

“Your reputation precedes you,” the judge said, extending a forefoot. Rada shook the offered paw and the rodent continued, “I trust you know the other observers. Major Isam Kilmarty of the Queen’s Commando,” Rada nodded to the tall, slender human with black-dyed skin and equally black curly hair. “Commander Pelm’wali of the People’s Navy of Twepal is representing the accuser, and Major Isxlix ban Quiktk of Nigel’s Nighthawks will observe for the defense.” Rada had not met the others in the flesh, but knew of their governments or independent units by name and reputation. “You may be seated” the judge informed the four soldiers, and they sat or squatted as their anatomy allowed.


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