Curses! Hooked Again!

So, somehow I’d managed to avoid the Liaden series by Miller and Lee. I suspect it is because by the time I found the first books, the store had number ten or eleven on the shelf. And I wasn’t into space opera at the time, although the covers looked cool. And I had books to write, an empire to conquer, bloggers to harass, and you know how it goes.

Two weeks ago I noticed one of the short story collections at Ye Local Bookery. But it was number three. Since I’m getting some nice overtime this month, I decided what the heck, I’ll download Liaden Universe Constellations: Book One and give it a try.

I lost most of this past weekend to that blasted collection! Didn’t matter that I’d never heard of the Liad, or any of the characters, or Clan Korval. Every spare moment was spent deep in that mutter mutter anthology. Even worse, the first novel in the series (by order written, not by series chronology) is on perma-free, and is now taking up shelf-space on my e-reader.

The characters are well drawn and I find the world(s) fascinating. Apparently some people don’t care for how the High Family male characters behave, but they remind me a bit of the Azdhagi (and feudal Japan). When everyone is hair-trigger ready to protect their reputation and honor, then words must be chosen with care and aggression reserved for those moments when it is truly necessary. I also like that on the FAQ for their Liaden website, the authors are explicit in saying that they are not going to write a certain episode (one alluded to in at least one short story) because they do not do hopeless-dark stories.

Alas, I fear I have become hooked. Not that I have time to be reading anything, since I didn’t get done this weekend what I needed to get done, and so I’m scrambling to make up for the time I lost, sunk up to the limits of my imagination in that darn Liaden universe.

Highly recommend.


5 thoughts on “Curses! Hooked Again!

  1. Good! I’m not the only one coming to the Liaden Universe late. But don’t limit yourself to just those. The Carousel Tides series is also very, very good, and so are the two murder mysteries Sharon Lee wrote.

    I downloaded “Agent of Change” and “Fledgling” from the Baen Free Library, and enjoyed them so much I went on a binge. Between March, when I first discovered the books, until today, I’ve downloaded and read all the Liaden books, the Carousel series, and the other books written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. I haven’t found one yet that I didn’t enjoy. Email me, and I’ll send you a list of other authors I’ve discovered recently and enjoyed.


    • Thanks! I’m afraid my pleasure reading has slowed to a crawl because of class prep reading, and research reading. So many books, so little time . . .

      • So many books, so little time . . .

        It’s killing me. My KU sub is idling. Wasting gas.

        We expect snow in the next few weeks apparently, so I’m a little frantic.

        OT You teach high school, yes? How’s the creeping socialism in the schools down there?

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