Heard in the Classroom

Student 1: “Miss Red, may I sleep?”  (This is a high school junior speaking in early afternoon.)

Miss Red: “No. Mrs. Green specifically said no talking, games, or sleeping.”

S1: “What if I’ve already checked out for the day?”

Miss Red [not looking up from papers I am grading]: “Then you’d be faculty.”

Much laughter, followed by a thump as a different student fell out of his chair, laughing.A few minutes later “Bing, bong bong” the chime for the PA system sounded.  Everyone looks up with expressions of puzzlement, concern, confusion, and eagerness.

Voice from Ceiling: “Good afternoon. This is a reminder that Fr. Thomas will be here on Wednesday after school for the annual Blessing of the Pets. You are invited to have your parents bring your pets after school on Wednesday to be blessed.  Fr. Thomas asked me to remind everyone that poisonous animals must be in cages. Thank you.” Bing bong bong.

Voice from the Back of the Room: “What about little brothers?”

Voice from Front of Room: “You heard the Headmaster: Father T said he wants them in cages.”

Miss Red: “Voice of experience?”

VfFR: “Yes, ma’am.”

Sometimes you just don’t ask for details.


2 thoughts on “Heard in the Classroom

    • Sounds like a grad student’s mini-dachsi who tried to protect his owner from the (totally uninterested) GD next door. Owner ended up carrying the little beast over her head back into the apartment as he kept barking “let me at ‘im, let me at ‘im!” The GD was mildly amused, as best I could tell.

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