Baba Yaga’s Baaaaaaaack

and she’s got reinforcements: a twisted Firebird, a rusalka with a grudge, and Chernobog. Alexi’s going to need every bit of his wits and some reinforcements if he’s going to escape both Slavic spirits and memories of war. . . . assuming Ivan the Purrable doesn’t get Alexi in trouble first. Never give a cat a smart phone.


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6 thoughts on “Baba Yaga’s Baaaaaaaack

  1. Three years ago I was a disgruntled reader of science fiction. Then I picked up a few free Baen ebooks, and found a whole new world of writers. Then I discovered that many of those writers had weblogs, including Sarah Hoyt, Cedar Sanderson, and . . . Alma Boykin. Life is good again! My only complaint is that my favorite writers don’t write as fast as I read, even you, Alma, although you’re quite prolific.

    Oh, and between Count Esterhazy and Alexi, I”m learning all kinds of new things!

  2. Please, Ma’am. May I have some more? Seriously, I have really, really enjoyed Alexi’s stories and cannot wait for the next one. And the one after that. And then another one…

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