The Cat Sat on the Mat – Aw Drat!

It was a dark and not too stormy night. Nature called and would not take “try again later” for answer, so I got up and made my half-awake way around the corner to take care of things.

Walk, walk, walk “mmmRRROOOOOOOWWWW!!!” Followed by human flailing around, trying not to fall over backwards against the cabinets or onto the (hard) tile floor. Meanwhile, Athena T. Cat gave me the what-for about how dare I step on her in the dark, what kind of oaf was I, she was maimed for life, and since I was up, why didn’t I go on and feed her?

After recovering my balance and breath, I went on to do what I’d gone into the bathroom for in the first place. And ATC marched over and laid right back down on the mat. The mat in front of the commode. And fussed when I moved my feet out from under her.

I should probably explain that ATC’s coloring is perfect night camouflage. If it were not for her white paws and hind legs, she’d have been flattened far more often than has already happened.

It seems that ATC has decided that the mat in front of the commode is now her favorite napping spot. It is soft(ish), cool in the late afternoon, lets her watch what is going on in the bathroom (because you never know – food might be forthcoming.) And woe be to the human who decides that she (or he) needs to occupy that space.

Yes, Athena has joined the Occupy movement: Occupy Toilet Mat.


One thought on “The Cat Sat on the Mat – Aw Drat!

  1. I run into that. Fortunately Misti has enough white for me to see her on the stairs, plus there is a bell on her harness so I can hear her moving. Darla on the other hand is jet black, so she vanishes into every shadow. -sigh- Bell only works so much with such a cat.

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