Roll Up Your Car Windows . . .

lock your doors, draw the blinds and close the drapes! Do NOT make eye contact with neighbors who are carrying grocery bags. If a neighbor comes toward your front door carrying a bag and has a determined, almost desperate look on his face, hide and do not answer the bell! Yes, it is . . . .




because we should not have to come up with things like this:

Because all too often well-meaning and generous neighbors leave “gifts” on my doorstep, in the mailbox, in the bed of my pick-up . . . And sacks of squash appear in the teachers’ workroom bearing tags like “looking for a good home,” “Eat me,” or “Free.”

Friends don't let friends abandon produce.

Friends don’t let friends abandon produce. From Wiki commons, not from my doormat . . . yet.

Next year, Oh Beloved Neighbor, please don’t plant so many squash vines. Instead, give peas a chance.


3 thoughts on “Roll Up Your Car Windows . . .

  1. Nice of you to volunteer my recipe as something to sneer at! Lol. I’m sure some people think pumpkin cake/cookies/bread/pie (also a “squash”) and zucchini bread (also a “squash”) are equally gross, but yellow squash cake is actually quite good, and nothing to turn your nose up at. If you haven’t tried my recipe, you should… you might actually change your mind. 🙂

    • Dear Mika,
      I’m sorry my caption came across as sneering or insulting. I have a very dry sense of humor, and I can see why you might have read the caption as critical. It is a good recipe. I had to tinker with the baking time a wee bit for elevation, but otherwise it came out very nicely.

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