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Ah, school is starting. The stores are full of Back-to-School specials and teachers are stocking the teachers’ lounge fridge with their own Back-to-School specials (one jigger of bourbon, one jigger of simple syrup, mint leaves, crushed ice. . . [JUST KIDDING!!]) And your humble scribe is losing her former free time as she answers the siren song of the classroom.

I like teaching. I really, really enjoy standing in front of an audience and expounding. Grading papers? Meh. Designing tests? I’ll get back to you on that. BUT I will be posting less often, probably four times a week. I’ll try more often, but between teaching and writing, and rehearsals, I’ll have a little less time for the blog. I apologize, but as we all know, life tends to happen.


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  1. Of course you are kidding… it would take a saint to only need one jigger of bourbon, after handling a classroom full of semi-civilized barbarians.

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