Not Funny, Muse

Right, so the idea that first bubbled up a few years (!) ago, about a Russian taxi driver stuck in traffic in Denver seeing Baba Yaga’s house, burst into full bloom Sunday night. I wrote down the first paragraph and told it to go away.

It didn’t. More of the story started pestering me yesterday morning, so I wrote 1500 words or so around admin stuff, errands, and reading for work.

Today, after more work stuff, I put on the album of 100 Greatest Russian Masterpieces, hit “randomize” and started writing. It began with an aria from Boris Godunov. As I’m writing the first confrontation, “Night on Bald Mountain” cued up. Main Character goes to a coffee shop, and Prince Igor aka “Stranger in Paradise” begins. Now, as the MC is about to chase down the Big Bad, Khachaturian’s “Saber Dance” comes on.

Stop that!

Edited to add: A set of four back-to-back hymns and chants started as the MC found the Big Bad’s lair. Really funny, Muse.