Book Updates 5/14/15

Good afternoon ladies, gentlemen, gentlebeings, and y’all over there peering in through the window.

The first chapter of Carpathian Campaign, an alt-history novel of WWI, will run this Saturday.

Clawing for Crowns, the sequel to Carpathian Campaign, has rounded the corner and feels to be in the home stretch. I know where the end is, I have a good idea how I’m getting there, and the most emotionally draining writing is done.

The cover of Blackbird is also done and looks very good. Editing is 2/3 done, and the formatting framework is being put into place. I’m probably going to do a Kindle Countdown on Circuits and Crises when Blackbird releases, so please tell your friends who might be interested. Blackbird stands alone, but does build on the events of the earlier book (Colplatschki: The Next Generation).