In Lieu of Real Content . . .

Due to rehearsal and work demands: what the author is reading:

White, Sam – Climate of Rebellion. A very good environmental history of the Ottoman Empire, centering on the late 1500s-1600s. Highly recommend. (I know Sam through the Climate History group, but I still recommend the book on its merits.)

Chesterton, G.K. Orthodoxy. A collection of linked essays about Christian belief and culture, written before WWI but still pretty current.

Wright, John C. A Book of Feasts and Seasons  Short stories based on the great feasts of the Christian year, although not “in your face” Christian mission fiction. All are different and all are well written.

Keller, Katrin Erzherzögin Maria von Innerösterreich  A German-language biography of the ancestress of most of the Habsburg family, who was quite a lady in her own right and who governed Inner Austria (Styria) for several years. Very well written.

Simon, Tom Death Carries a Camcorder – A humorous but also serious look at fiction writing today and some of the weaknesses in it. Tom leans toward the literary side of the writing spectrum (like John C. Wright) but has thoughtful comments well worth chewing on no matter what you write or like to read.

Hoyt, Sarah Wings. A short story collection, runs the gamut from sci-fi to fantasy to beats-me-but-I-like-it.

Schmaus und Braus – Another German book, this one about food-related colloquial terms and trivia.

Torgerson, Brad Lights in the Deep  A collection of fantastic short stories. (Can’t read them at work because they suck me in so hard. He writes too darn well. 🙂 )

Mayer, Adrianne Amazons Actually more about the Scythians and other people of the Central Asian and Black Sea steppe than strictly about the Amazons. An excellent blend of linguistics, history, mythology and other disciplines.