Unravelling a Narrative

OK, how many of us have ever pulled a loose thread? You know, the one at the edge of a tablecloth, or in the hob-nail pattern on a cotton bedspread (chenille especially). The one our parents told us not to touch? Or the one that suddenly appeared on the hem of a pant cuff of skirt, or on a sweater? Yeah, just hanging there, one little loose thread. Why not pull it? Nothing’s going to happen, right? I just heard a half-dozen people groaning because you know exactly what’s going to happen. The great unravelling ensues, as the pattern on the bedspread disappears, the skirt hem drops, or half the sweater cuff disappears, leaving you with a long piece of yarn and a desperate need for someone else to blame. Or so I’m told. Continue reading


4th Generation or 0th Generation?

I’m in the process of reading the book Ride the Red Horse. The title comes from the Book of Revelation, about the four horsemen. War rides the red horse. And the essays and short stories in the book, which have all been quite good, and thought-provoking, deal with what is called 4th Generation War. Except as I read the book, I’m seeing it as 0th Generation war, and everything old is new again. Continue reading

3/3/15 Comments Closed

Hi. Because I will not have Internet, and thus will not be able to approve new commenters, comments are closed through Sunday evening or Monday. There are posts queued up, as well as the Saturday free novel.

Thank you for your understanding and have a lovely rest of the week.