Book Review: Sparrowind and The Tale of Ugly Knight

Modena, R. K. Sparrowind: The Dragon who Lived as a Knight Kindle Edition

Lightfoot, Elizabeth A. The Ugly Knight (The Tales of Tel Book One) Kindle Edition

These two books work well together. Although not aimed at children, Sparrowind would be good for reading to younger children, or for new chapter-book readers. The Ugly Knight is for older readers (age 10+) but adults will enjoy both of them.

Sparrowind the dragon wants to be a knight. He has a book about what one needs to be a knight. Alas, he also has tradition, fear, and language difficulties to overcome. And the increasingly frequent knights sent to pester him. And then danger threatens the kingdom . . .

Korton, the ugly knight, is not the likeliest of heroes. But he is kind to those who mean him well. He goes forth to do knightly things and in the process kills a dragon. But the dragon is not what it seems, although just what it is no one is certain. A mysterious farm girl, a wise servant, and the guidance of the elves help Korton as he works to solve the mystery of the dragon and to defeat the evil that threatens the land.

Both books share a certain sweetness. The bad guys are bad but not sadistic or vicious. The good guys are not perfect, but they are kind and try very hard. Both stories have little twists that readers will enjoy, and room for sequels.

Younger fantasy readers will really enjoy these two books/ novellas. If anything, I wish The Ugly Knight had been a little longer, with more description of scenery and setting. There is enough that the reader knows where things are, but more would have been nice. I look forward to reading more from Modena and Lightfoot.

NOTE: I purchased both books for my own use. I received no remuneration in cash, goods, or services for this review.


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