Book News and Mailing List Question

Barring unforeseen difficulties, Circuits and Crises will be available on Amazon on Saturday. It will be in Select. I apologize to my readers who prefer e-pub formats or shopping with other distributors, but I’m just not seeing enough sales to balance what I gain with Select.

It is said on ColPlatXI that when dar-dogs and mountain cats fight, all others hide; when brothers fight, all creatures flee.

As Emperor Andrew Babenburg labors to uncover the secrets of the Landers, his brothers fret that interest has warped into obsession. To the south, obsession and argument have become schism, breaking apart Tivolia, Morloke and Scheel at a moment when danger threatens. Or does it? Captain Mike Kidder, commander of the fortress of Sigurney smells trouble brewing east of the mountains, but his paymasters look north, not east. And when Edmund “Ironhand” von Sarmas throws a wildcard into the mix, anything can happen (and probably will).

Old victories and older dreams can’t save the Empire when the Rajtan awakes . . . or can they?

(This book takes place roughly a century before the opening of Elizabeth of Starland.)

Peaks of Grace is now priced at $3.99 US.


I am setting up a mailing list for readers. If you would like news about upcoming books, release dates, and publishing schedules, and perhaps info if I ever manage to make a Con appearance, please e-mail me at AlmaTCBoykin at Gmail dot com. Scout’s Honor, I won’t spam you, because I like that about as I like tax audits and walking face-first into spider webs.