Light Posting Apology

Sorry about the lack of posts this week. I’ve had muscle problems that interfered with typing, and I’ve gotten called in to teach.

Elizabeth of Starland is now in KDP Select with Amazon. I don’t intend to leave it there forever, just for 90 days as an experiment.

The map for Circuits and Crises is coming along well. And the WWI novel has settled in. I’ve also gotten 1200 words on the magical creatures and the timber company urban (?) fantasy written, with some ideas for plot development.

Nature Writing

OK, I confess, I’m a sucker for really good nature writing. Aldo Leopold’s essays, Loren Eiseley’s poetry, Rachel Carson’s sea books, and other writers who can take science and observation, blend it with poetry, and produce wonders never grow old. Natural history is one of those fields I’ve always aspired to write and have never felt good enough to dare. Continue reading

State of the Author and Book News

Despite having managed to catch the Dreaded Lurgy’s smaller, equally tenacious brother, I’m back at work on the WWI novel. For once there is a near over-abundance of material for me to work from, which has been part of what’s slowing me down. That and some authors use place names as they were in 1914-1918 while others use the post 1945 names. The master map I’m using dates to 1910, so you can see where the going can be a bit slow at times, trying to locate minor hamlets in an area that no longer exists (Galicia). But I’m 30,000 words in and the beast seems to be pulling together. Continue reading