Progress Report 2/27/15

First, I’d like to say a warm hello to all my recent visitors from Canada! Welcome and I hope you enjoy what you find.

Second, the draft of Carpathian Campaign: A Novel of the Houses is done and has been put “on the back of the stove” to simmer while I work on a few other projects.

Third, the last edits on Circuits and Crises are finished, the cover art has been firmed up, and all looks on schedule for a mid-March release. It is much like the Elisabeth von Sarmas books – battles, Lander artifacts, the Turkowi, valiant deeds against terrific odds, and other fun stuff.

Fourth, I will be away from the Internet next week (yes, it is possible) and will close comments while I’m gone, so no one languishes waiting for approval. I do have posts lined up.

Fifth, I still need alpha readers for the Cat Among Dragons novel, A Cat at Bay. Please contact me at AlmaTCBoykin at AOL dot com if you are interested.