State of the Author and Book News

Despite having managed to catch the Dreaded Lurgy’s smaller, equally tenacious brother, I’m back at work on the WWI novel. For once there is a near over-abundance of material for me to work from, which has been part of what’s slowing me down. That and some authors use place names as they were in 1914-1918 while others use the post 1945 names. The master map I’m using dates to 1910, so you can see where the going can be a bit slow at times, trying to locate minor hamlets in an area that no longer exists (Galicia). But I’m 30,000 words in and the beast seems to be pulling together.

Circuits and Crises went off to the editor and cover and map designers yesterday, with a mid-March release date. It is much more like the Elizabeth books than Peaks of Grace, so those of you who prefer battles on stage, with brave men and noble women, feats of courage in the face of terrible odds, and more about the Landers’ technology, this will be your kind of book.

I am starting an experiment this week. I will be taking Elizabeth of Starland off of Kobo and B&N for 90 days so I can put it into Kindle Select, starting Wednesday, February 5. I will not touch the other books in the Colplatschki Chronicles or the Cat Among Dragons series.

The Draft of A Cat at Bay is done and is sitting in fallow while I get the WWI book sorted out. If all goes well, I will release it in late summer, followed by the sequel to Hubris.

I hate to beg, but if you have read my books and short-stories, could you please leave a review if you feel so inclined? For those who have, thank you very much!

Thank you for sharing my worlds through my books and blog. I hope I’ve brightened your day and given you a few hours of reading pleasure.