Book News

I finished the draft of Language of the Land today. At 93K words it’s the longest novel thus far, and I suspect that will increase as I go back and revise it, especially the first ten chapters or so. According to the writing books, it is not Steampunk, because there are no automata or created beings in it, but instead it is “Gaslamp Fantasy.” Which is news to me, because it doesn’t look anything like the Girl Genius stories, but OK, whatever. They can explain the difference to the magic-enhanced steam engine that shows up in the next-to-last chapter. Her name is Fiona. And no, I had no idea she was coming either. Totally fluffs up the magical system I had developed, too.

The cover art for Peaks of Grace is well underway and, barring bad life rolls, the book should be ready in a few weeks. That should allow me to move release of Circuits and Crises, which takes place about 100 years before Elizabeth of Starland, into late March.