To my UK and Eurozone Readers

I’m sure you are aware of the looming pending change to the collection of the VAT on certain purchases in the EU. I’m looking at several options. I do not want to stop selling through, .fr,, and other outlets.

Assuming that the regulation goes into effect on January 1 as it currently stands, I know I will have to raise the prices on my short stories to meet the 99 cent post-VAT minimum, and will likely raise a few other prices as well to meet the 2.99 post-VAT floor. I have not decided if I will raise other prices or just take the income hit.

In short, if you are looking at filling in your collection, especially of the short stories, you might want to purchase before January 1. I will let you know through the blog what is coming once I’ve looked at all my options. I hope the VAT change will be placed on permanent hold, or e-books will be exempted as print books are, but I’m not overly optimistic.

Thank you for being such loyal readers, and I’m sorry I have to raise some of the prices.





2 thoughts on “To my UK and Eurozone Readers

  1. Not your fault m’lady. Unfortunately you and others are caught up in the EU response to tax avoidance by large e-commerce companies. I believe the UK is already proposing measures aimed at minimising the impact on small businesses.

    • I know the UK is trying to get the UK VAT floor put back into place, so those selling less than X pounds per year do not have to register with Brussels and do all the associated paperwork, as well as getting the print book exemption applied to ebooks. I hope they are successful.

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